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About the project

Throughout this year I’ve been working on a post-graduate paper in Instructional Design for e-Learning through Massey University. This has taken up a fair bit of my time (and part of the reason that my posting on this blog has been a bit irregular recently).

As part of the paper, I’ve been working with a group of 4 others from around the country on an instructional design project. We had to follow instructional design processes to plan, develop and implement an e-learning resource for students and teachers globally to use. We had to present the resource on WikiEducator – an online resource for e-learning content. It’s a wiki so anyone can add to, delete and edit any of the content. It’s similar in design to Wikipedia.

Other tools we have used in our design project are Skype and Google Docs. Skype was used for regular online meetings. We decided to use a text chat in Skype for two reasons. Firstly, not everyone was able to voice chat – lack of headsets. Secondly, a text chat meeting allows a history to be kept, so we can go back through the log of the meeting and see what was discussed etc.


The context of our project is about understanding, preparing and planning for tsunami. We decided to make it slightly interactive with students taking the role of a survival agent. They are to be the experts in their area. As the expert they have to learn about what tsunami are, how they form and the impacts they can have. They also have to learn what is required to prepare for a tsunami and how to recognise the signs that one is on the way. Planning escape routes and putting together getaway kits is vital for their success. At the end of the learning resource students play an online survival game, where they have to get a town ready for an emergency.

Have a look at the resource. Feel free to use it and please post comments/feedback here.


Darfield Earthquake

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AKA: Christchurch earthquake

On Saturday 4 September 2010 at 4:36 am, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked Canterbury. It was centred near Darfield (about 40 km west of Christchurch) and had a depth of only 10 km.

It is estimated that it will cost New Zealand up to $4 billion dollars to recover from, but thankfully no was was killed in the quake.


I thought I would put together some links that relate to the earthquake. I’m not going to go into great detail with what is in each of the links, but if you’re looking for current earthquake resources, this could be useful to you. It is by no means an extensive list, but it’s a start.

There is a group on flickr called “Christchurch Quake”.

If you want to follow tweets #eqnz; #christchurchquake

Here are a stack of youtube clips

Latest news:
NZ Herald
GNS Science

Recent Quakes:

Other resources:
Suzie Vesper (@suzievesper) has put together a wiki with links and resources about the earthquake. She is also organising educational skype interviews (if you’re quick). earthquake-shakeup

Christchurch quake map – shows the earthquake and the MANY aftershocks (over 270 by this stage).


Feel free to add any other resources as comments.

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