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Well, I’m currently seated in the Energy Events Centre in Rotorua listening to Anne Tolley (Minister of Education).

This is just the very beginning of the Learning @ School conference. I’m looking forward to a fantastic and exciting three days. If anything particularly interesting comes up I will post it on the blog.

Welcome to Twenty-Ten

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Well here we are in 2010! Happy New Year everyone!

Already in the cloud there have been discussions on whether we are in ‘Two thousand and ten’ or ‘twenty-ten’. I’m personally going for the latter as it just feels tidier and easier to say. Just think about when we get to 2123 (not sure how many of us will make it that far!!!) do you want to say ‘two thousand one hundred and twenty-three’ or just ‘twenty-one twenty-three’? I know what I’d prefer.

Anyway, I’m in for a busy year this year. We are preparing for 2011 in writing new teaching and learning resources as a results of the new Achievement Standards for NCEA Level 1. Hopefully this will include a large online/eLearning component. I’m off to the Learning @ School conference in Rotorua hosted by the Ministry of Education and Core Education at the end of February which I am really looking forward to. Should be a fantastic time.

Also happening this year is I am part of a trial of a Virtual World for education of distance learners. I’m really interested to see how this goes and how it works. Looks like it’s ‘Second Life’ style, but at this stage I know very little about it.

Along with this I am starting post-graduate study in eLearning, continuing my Biology and Science teaching and helping to raise my fantastic kids (the fifth of which was born just before Christmas – so I’m a proud Dad once again!). Hopefully in amongst all this I can find and trial some good technology/tools to help in teaching and learning and share on this blog. Let’s see how I go.

Unfortunately I can’t give you an update on the Cheap Computer Project as I have moved house and currently have no room to set it up. I still believe this might be and option for some of our students so I look forward to exploring properly at a later stage. Google Wave has also been a slow project for me. I have as yet found little application for it, but do still believe it could be a great tool for educators.

Anyway – I trust you all have a fantastic year this year! Keep up the fantastic efforts in teaching the next generations!

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