What if…?

October 28, 2010 at 8:56 am | Posted in Education | 2 Comments

Have a read through the list below.

Think about each one.
Would it make a difference?
What sort of difference would it make?

  1. What if teachers could focus on the real issues of education rather than petty issues like school uniforms being worn incorrectly?
  2. What if we could teach what the students want, which is relevant to them, rather than focus on what is required to achieve in the next assessment?
  3. What if we didn’t have so much paperwork?
  4. What if all teachers embraced technology instead of reacting to it?
  5. What if all teachers could guide learning rather than drive learning?
  6. What if policy makers realised that, with so much information literally at our fingertips, it is more useful for students to learn effective searching/researching techniques than to memorise a whole lot of facts?
  7. What if teaching students how to think, question and learn was our primary goal?
  8. What if we spent more time celebrating success instead of worrying about the problems?
  9. What if all teachers shared more with each other – both what has worked for them and what hasn’t?
  10. What if we could help children keep their initial passion for learning?

These are just my thoughts. I have had to change my thinking and practice around some of them. In fact it is only recently that I have really become passionate about learning! It scares me that a teacher, such as myself, could be trying to encourage students to learn, when he was not excited to learn himself. I’m hopeful that I was one of the minority. I love learning now – and love teaching! I’m still challenging myself with some of the statements below. Feel free to agree or disagree with them, they are simply my thoughts at this time.

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